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Surgical Site Infection blogs & why now?

Welcome to my first of many surgical site infection (SSI) blogs everyone. I hope you enjoy all posts from this site which are aimed at promoting SSI surveillance and prevention and stimulating dialogue and debate on surgical site infection and surgical patient safety.

Most people know me already from numerous SSI posts on Twitter. I can't hide my passion for the subject and felt the need to dedicate a page where I can write and comment more about latest SSI posts on Twitter/ other social media platforms and recent SSI publications.

So why now?

There is no doubt that the profile of surgical site infection (SSI) surveillance is rising. I am therefore so excited to have been and to continue to be a part of this global move aiming to reduce avoidable harm through SSI prevention which coincides with global strategies around Antimicrobial Resistance.

I am very grateful to my managers, supervisors, all my Twitter friends, SSI network colleagues and all those who have encouraged, inspired and supported me over the years. I will continue to learn and develop along this SSI blogging journey. Please feel free to comment and also to give me constructive criticism. Thank you, Lilian

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